HyperOs 2016

Running only one Windows system?

HyperOs 2016 is a multi Windows cloner which copies your existing Windows system to give you two or more systems with a simple drag and drop.

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Geek — £59 / $95 / €71
SuperGeek — £69 / $111 / €83
Runs on Windows XP, XP64, Vista, Vista64, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Win10, Server2003, Server2008, Server2012

HyperOs 2016 Geek and SuperGeek make it childishly simple to clone and run several copies of Windows on the same PC and swap between them with a double click.

Live clone the copy of Windows that you are running from the drive it is on to the very same drive letter or to any other drive. You no longer have to repartition your drive in order to run several Windows systems.

Here are the capabilities HyperOs gives you

SuperGeek: Clone and run any number of Windows systems in each of up to 24 partitions
Geek: Clone and run up to 10 Windows systems from your boot drive and up to 10 further systems, one system per partition

Free yourself from your one and only Windows system

Stop forcing all of your applications to live in one crowded bedsit! Give them a mansion with 24 wings and with any number of rooms in each wing with HyperOs 2016.

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